1. Delivery is made by courier company SPEEDY, hired by srychno.com at the address specified by the user. The user undertakes to provide access and a contact person to accept and pay for the ordered products. If the customer (or a person authorized by him) is not found at the agreed time of delivery and can not be contacted by phone at the time of delivery, the shipment is returned to the courier's office at the request of the user.
  2. If the consumer has hired another person to accept the shipment on his behalf, he (the consumer who originally made the order) has no right to object to the delivery and return of the shipment.
  3. srychno.com offers FREE delivery to SPEEDY's office, except for Maggie's products, as they are charitable.
  4. srychno.com or a representative of the courier company undertakes to notify the user by phone or e-mail if there are sudden circumstances that prevent the timely delivery.
  5. If an incomplete, incorrect or incorrect address or telephone number is indicated by the user when submitting the application, it is considered that it is invalid and there is no obligation to fulfill it by srychno.com!


  1. The consumer can refuse ordered and delivered products in the following cases:

(a) apparent non-compliance of the delivered product with the orders, which can be established by a simple inspection of the product;
(b) the goods have suffered a defect during transport;
c) the delivery price does not correspond to the pre-agreed price;
d) the delivery deadline has not been met.

The above complaints are valid at the time of receipt of the order.

  1. When the goods are replaced upon delivery and it is impossible to establish at the time of delivery, the goods are replaced after an inspection has been carried out to establish the non-conformity without the consumer paying additional costs.


We offer the following methods for paying for the items you ordered:

  1. Payment on delivery (Cash on delivery): Upon delivery of the goods you pay the amount due to the courier. The costs of cash on delivery and insurance are at the expense of the consumer.
  2. Payment by bank transfer: Make the payment directly to our bank account. Please use the unique order identification number - ID, as the basis for payment. Your order will not be shipped if the money is not received in our account. You will receive the bank account details of the srychno.com store by email and on the website