By using srychno.com, you are deemed to accept and agree to the Terms and Conditions described below. If you do not accept these terms and conditions, please do not visit this website or use it for purchases.

  1. srychno.com is a website that is owned and part of the activities of the company Srychno Ltd.
  2. The site offers products to which Srychno Ltd. is a direct importer, distributor or manufacturer.
  3. The site also provides the following services: detailed information about the products; possibility for online purchase, delivery of the ordered products, online payment.
  4. These general terms and conditions provide users with information about their rights when using the information and services on the site. Every user working with the site is bound by the rules of these general conditions from the moment of entering the site until leaving.
  5. srychno.com reserves the right to make changes to the data and conditions without prior notice.


  1. srychno.com is not responsible for possible incidental omissions related to the timeliness of the information it maintains on the site; is not responsible for the consequences, incl. any damages caused by or related in any way to the access to or use of this site; is not responsible for the inviolability of the information on the site from computer viruses or other threats. The information displayed on the site is in accordance with current legislation, its use by users is voluntary and on their initiative.
  2. srychno.com is not responsible for the completeness, validity and nature of the information contained in the sites to which there are links (hyperlinks).
  3. srychno.com is not responsible for any damage caused to the user when using the services on the site. srychno.com does not guarantee trouble-free and uninterrupted access to the srychno.com domain
  4. srychno.com is not responsible for the sudden depletion of stock.
  5. srychno.com is not responsible for inaccuracies in the information about the product submitted by the manufacturer.
  6. srychno.com is not responsible for delays or non-fulfillment of its obligations for reasons beyond the control of the company.
  7. srychno.com undertakes to comply with the user's agreements with due care.


The seller is obliged to deliver the ordered goods on time in its undamaged integrity. The goods published for sale on the website are ORIGINAL and of proven origin. Trade names and brands are used to better describe the goods offered. The rights to use the trademark belong to the respective manufacturer.
The seller has the right to send unregistered commercial messages to users registered on the website in order to make inquiries, conduct surveys or offer them advertisements and information on their own or offered by other merchants goods and services.
If he registers, the user is obliged to take all necessary care in order to protect his password, not to provide anyone with his username and password, and in case of unauthorized access to his account or in the likelihood of such access, notify the srychno.com team immediately. In order to secure the username and password, always press the "Exit" button when leaving the online store. Also not to submit fictitious or invalid orders, to indicate the exact delivery address, e-mail address for correspondence and contact phone, and to pay the price of the ordered goods when making a valid order.
The user is also obliged not to interfere in the proper functioning of the online system of the store, not to take actions that lead to blocking and denial of services on the website, as well as not to frustrate the identification of other users of the store or the right them to use the store.
If the user of the online store does not comply with the above obligations, the srychno.com team has the right without notice to terminate its access to the user profile, as well as to sue for lost profits and damages resulting from illegal actions of the user.


srychno.com maintains strict confidentiality regarding the information of its users.
The following information: first name, last name, surname, telephone number, contact and delivery address is used only for order processing, improving service and communication between srychno.com and its users


We offer the following methods for paying for the items you ordered:

  1. Payment on delivery (Cash on delivery): Upon delivery of the goods you pay the amount due to the courier. The costs of cash on delivery and insurance are at the expense of the consumer.
  2. Payment by bank transfer: Make the payment directly to our bank account. Please use the unique order identification number - ID, as the basis for payment. Your order will not be shipped if the money is not received in our account. You will receive the bank account details of the srychno.com store by email and on the website


  1. Delivery is made by a courier company hired by srychno.com at the address specified by the user. The user undertakes to provide access and a contact person to accept and pay for the ordered products. If the customer (or a person authorized by him) is not found at the agreed time of delivery and can not be contacted by phone at the time of delivery, the shipment is returned to the courier's office at the request of the user.
  2. If the consumer has hired another person to accept the shipment on his behalf, he (the consumer who originally made the order) has no right to object to the delivery and return of the shipment.
  3. Free shipping applies to all products in the online store srychno.com, except for Maggie's products, as they are charitable.
  4. srychno.com or a representative of the courier company undertakes to notify the user by phone or e-mail if there are sudden circumstances that prevent the timely delivery.
  5. If an incomplete, incorrect or incorrect address or telephone number is indicated by the user when submitting the application, it is considered that it is invalid and there is no obligation to fulfill it by srychno.com


  1. The consumer can refuse ordered and delivered products in the following cases:

(a) apparent non-compliance of the delivered product with the orders, which can be established by a simple inspection of the product;
(b) the goods have suffered a defect during transport;
c) the delivery price does not correspond to the pre-agreed price;
d) the delivery deadline has not been met.
The above complaints are valid at the time of receipt of the order.