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This is the fabulous place where
the magic of Srychno happens

How did it all start? Quite by accident, the making of leather bags and carpentry intertwined and we imperceptibly rediscovered the magic of this combination. So came the idea of ​​"Srychno" - to create much more than just bags and furniture and share this magic and love with connoisseurs of handicrafts.
Visit our authentic workshop and feel the magic! Touch our work, our creations and ourselves! We promise you to create unique leather and wood products together - we will show you some of the subtleties of our craft, and the creative atmosphere will be accompanied by cheerful dances and folk songs.
In addition, you can visit the hotel-restaurant of our neighbors - Complex "Tihiyat Kyt", and enjoy delicious homemade food! We expect you!

Types of Srychno's workshops


Children's workshop

BGN 30 / per child under 18 years-old


Family workshop


Adult workshop

BGN 40 / per adult

We offer the opportunity to anyone, regardless of age and experience, to test their dexterity and touch our craft. The workshop can be individual or group of up to 10 people. For a group of 10 people, the price is with BGN 5 discount per person. We offer several models of keychain purses and on the spot we choose which model to make together. If the workshop is with a child under 8 years old, the presence of a parent is mandatory - he can help the child or make a unique one.


IF YOU RECEIVED OUR FREE WORKSHOP KEY, WE ARE EXPECTING YOU - THE TICKET IS VALID FOR 1 PERSON! If you wish to visit more people, contact us to clarify all the details!

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The workshops are held with up to 10 people
Prepayment is required to save the desired date and time for a workshop. If for some reason the workshop is canceled, we will save another date convenient for you! You can visit us in groups and without a workshop - only with an entrance fee of BGN 5. In this case we have no restrictions on the number of visitors. We answer questions related to the craft, and you can take pictures as masters.