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masterful hands and a golden heart

The story of Srychno

To be born Srychno, we needed about 5 years. During this time we worked as craftsmen - each individually. These years were years of much experience and hard work. At one point we realized that for us the craft is not just a job to make a living, but something much more! This is our life! Thus, at the beginning of September 2017, Srychno appeared - created for you by masterful hands and a golden heart!
Who are the Masters of Srychno? Master Anton is graduated from the Carpentry Technical School and is still engaged in carpentry, and for 2 years he was also a shoemaker. Master Iskra has been in the leather goods industry for over 20 years and has extensive experience. We have been working together as craftsmen for 10 years, and alongside us, Maggie started making bracelets and other handmade accessories.

The Masters of Srychno

Master Iskra

"I like to create genuine leather products - bags, keys, wallets, belts, and other non-standard and unique leather products that our customers dream of having.
I love to create so much that I couldn't imagine doing anything else… I like creative chaos. I put all my heart and everything I create into my style. My secret to a unique product is to add a drop of love!”

Master Anton

"My vocation combines restoration, reupholstery of old furniture and the creation of authentic furniture for the whole home.
One of the most important things for me is the organization of the workspace - everything has its place. All I need to design is a pencil and a piece of paper. Sometimes I have a clear idea in my mind, and other times I go with the flow and let my imagination run wild.


Maggie is the youngest member of the Srychno team and continues her parents' creative craft. She loves to make modern handmade jewelry from beads and create fresh and interesting color combinations. Another of her passions is drawing and she is developing her skills with lessons in school Новите Майстори in Kyustendil. In addition, Maggie has her own design, sealed on children's and women's T-shirts, jugs, and bottles that you can buy. All her products are for a charity cause!


Vladislav Chanev - photographer

The man behind the lens, capturing the beautiful and authentic atmosphere in the fabulous workshop of Srychno.

Brandotopia Digital Agency

Partner of Srychno for the development of the site and online shop, as well as for maintaining the online presence of the brand.

Rosen Hristov & Georgi Georgiev Photography

The people behind the lens photographed the products of Srychno, preserving their authentic appearance.